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To support the Society's goal of Preserving and Promoting the Heritage of the Copts, the Society began at its inception in 1979 to collect copies of microfilms of Coptic and Christian Arabic manuscripts from the libraries of Europe and the US as well as Egypt. By late 2000 the collection size has reached approximately 235,000 frames or about 350,000 pages. Between September 2001 and August 2002, the Society engaged a service bureau to digitize the collection. The project cost was over $36,000 and it only digitized three-quarter of the collection. The result produced mixed results. Since that time the Society has been looking for a solution to preserve these aging films, complete the digitizing of what that could not be done at the time, and improve the quality of some of the digitized images, i.e. a library-grade digitizing syste..


After an exhaustive search and testing the Society has selected the ScanPro 2000 manufactured by e-imageData Corp of Hartford Wisconson, distributed by the Evrex Corporation of Orange County, California. The output is processed through a Dell T5500 Workstation. The total cost of the project is about $13,100, including California tax. The negotiated payment at this time will be a combination of a downpayment and a lease of three to four years.

There is at least 100,000 frames of manuscripts that need scanning at this time. In addition we are planning to resume the acquisition of microfilms of the remaining manuscripts from Europe that we have not acquired yet.

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